Friday, June 29, 2012

Handmade Gift Exchange

Wow, the month of June has flown by in the blink of an eye. And that means the deadline for the Handmade Gift Exchange going on over at Craftaholics Anonymous is just about upon us. Well, for me it was today since the post office isn't open this long weekend.
Add my usual procrastination to orders to rest after I had bleeding and contractions at 25 weeks, and it's a miracle I finished at all, but my exchange partner will be getting this summery market tote. The second shot is truer to the real colour. I had, literally, only 15 minutes to get to the post office, so photography was not on top of the priority list!

Since I was home, I sent hubby to the store for yarn. He didn't come back with the green I had in mind, but I added a strand of cream from my stash, and it didn't turn out badly. This wasn't the project I originally wanted to make, but under the circumstances, it was something I could do easily from the couch, so I hope by exchange partner likes it anyway.

On that note, the baby seems to be staying put after our scare, and I'm starting to feel more like getting out of the house. I spent a couple hours at Ikea with my boys today, and, it turns out, that was too much, so I'll be taking it easy for a while longer.

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends, both bloggy and real!


  1. How pretty! I am sure she will love it!!!

    Many blessings!

  2. I think adding the cream gave it a nice touch. It's a great bag; I would be thrilled if I was your recipient!

  3. The bag looks great, I'm sure your giftee will love it. I hope you and baby are doing well. With my second pregnancy, I was put on bedrest at 24 weeks; it was a very scary experience. Wishing you well!


  4. I am thrilled you made this for me! I even let out a little squeal when I tore open the pkg! I love it. Thanks so much. :)