Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crochet Hook Case Fail

Every once in a while, a friend asks if I will teach her how to sew. Of course! So, in anticipation of my next lesson, I found a cute pattern for a simple crochet hook case. I thought it would be a great beginner project, and would help my friend how to work from a pattern. I wanted to have a sample -- and let's face it, my crochet hook collection is a mess! -- so I made one of the cases this morning, using some cheap fabric I picked up at Walmart a while back. I cut the pattern pieces, and thought they looked a little small, so I grabbed a crochet hook and held it against the fabric. Sure enough, it fit with room to spare. So on I went. Here's the finished case:
See that crochet hook on top? I wasn't trying to be artsy-fartsy with my photo...it just doesn't fit in my case. In fact, none of my hooks, aside from the short one I initially grabbed as a tester, fit. Bad luck, but the good news is that this project whips up in a snap and I will definitely be making a larger one soon.


  1. Still pretty dang good! Come find out about the man who fed us all!

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