Saturday, June 9, 2012

Spiderman Light

Before my first son was born, I bought a couple little wall sconces from Ikea to light his room softly at night. When son #2 came along, one of the two sconces migrated to his room. The design is a very basic pale blue with moon and stars. Fine for little kids, but my big guy (I'm almost SIX, Mama!)decided he would much rather have a Spiderman light fixture.

With son #3 well on his way, which likely means needing a bigger vehicle to fit everyone, our budget is really tight right now. We just don't have the cash to replace a perfectly good light with another perfectly good light. That said, I figured a trip to the Dollarama couldn't hurt. There, I found some neat Spiderman window decals. I popped out the old moon and stars sconce cover, and added Spiderman to the front. The result was okay, but the light bulb was shining through pretty brightly without the cover in front of it. I thought adding paper to the inside (where the old cover was) might be a fire hazard, but hubby came up with the idea of using a scrap of window screen to filter the light. Perfect. Love when he's cute AND smart (=

Josh knows he didn't get a new light, but he's happy it's not so babyish as the old version.


Remember when I posted about participating in Kids' Clothing Week a while back?. It was a bust. Not a single finished outfit, and one night, I was so tired, I actually fell asleep at my sewing machine long before my hour was up. On the bright side, I have a few projects that did get started, so hopefully we'll see them soon. Soonish.

Despite my KCW fail, I've joined the Handmade Gift Exchange being hosted over at Craftaholics Anonymous. There's a hard and fast mailing deadline of three weeks from now, so best get to it!

I've been stalking my receiving partner a little, looking for ideas, but I have no idea who will be gifting to me. I hope she's not stalking my lack of posts lately...I'm pretty boring right now!


  1. Tanya, great job on the nightlight, the window screening is very clever! I hope you are feeling well and your pregnancy has been smooth. I didn't finish a single outfit for KCWC either!

  2. I really love what you did with that lamp. The look on your son's face says it all :-). He's a lucky little guy. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  3. That is much cooler (for a 6yo) than the original and I'm sure he loves it. I'm dreading when my kids start making decorating demands!

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