Monday, September 20, 2010

Pantry reveal!

So a couple days back, I posted a photo of my oh-so-packed pantry. It was in shambles. Everything was everywhere, I had to waste time digging around for things that should have been in plain sight, and the shelves were so overloaded that they were breaking. Here's a little reminder shot.

Cue scary music!

Fast forward to today, and ta-da! My new and improved pantry!

That's an empty shelf on the bottom!

View behind the door -- appliances, cans, baggies, etc

Solid now

I intended to paint some sort of stencil on the back walls, but it's just not a priority right now. Until I have more free time, I'll settle for organized. I purchased the glass jars (two sizes, the little ones on sale) at Walmart and used them for dry goods. I had the cereal containers in the pantry before, but now they're on a lower shelf and accessible to the kids. We'll see if that lasts. The only other purchase I made was a set of four dollar store bins. I used one for infrequently used baking items (candied ginger, carob powder, and so on) , one for frequently used baking items (vanilla, baking powder, cupcake liners, toffee bits, etc), one for extra or half-full pasta/grain bags, and one for 'drinkables' (tea bags, instant coffee, Crystal Light, Koolaid). I thought four would be enough, but I really could have used another one or two, and may pick up more later.

This re-org came in the nick of time, as the shelves were on the verge of collapse. Seriously, the previous owner had the shelves attached to the supports by finishing nails, and the angled support at the bottom wasn't even attached to the wall. I had loaded the shelves assuming they were secure, but if these things had collapsed when one of my kids was in there rooting for crackers, it could have resulted in serious injuries. Hubby ripped out the angled supports and hand cut niches in 2x4s (I'll be painting these eventually) to create solid vertical supports. Thanks, Love!

Speaking of my dearest, he broke into my newly acquired stash of wine corks and, along with our boys, created these little guys:

Two corks down, only a bajillion to go!

I'm off to do my hour of sewing for the Kids Clothing Week Challenge!




  1. I love what you did with the pantry. It looks wonderful.

    We had a similar problem with one of our kitchen cabinets. As our place is over 30 years old the cabinets were attached with nails. They were coming away from the walls. Thanks to me there are now a million and one(not really) screws.

    Very glad as you said none of your kids got hurt.

    visiting from house of grace

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entereing the giveaway! Good luck to you!
    And boy, your pantry look GREAT! Wish I could say that about my kitchen. (Do not have a pantry unfortunately.)

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the tea lovers roundup!
    Ms Muffin

  3. Great job Tanya. I will be doing my pantry tomorrow.(yikes)
    I have a little suggestion for you. If you put you appliances on the floor there is less of a chance of them falling. They can be pretty heavy and kids can pull on loose cords. Then again I am a bit of a nrevous Nelly. I enjoy your Blog.

  4. Oh, wow!! I love a good "Before" and "After." :) Love all your new storage bins. :) Thanks so much for the visit to my blog. :)

  5. Your fall cleaning is really coming along. Wow, look at all of that added space! I really like what you did with your spices as well. Happy cleaning and blogging!

  6. wow, that looks really great! I love a good pantry clean out! :-) thanks for checking out my blog.

  7. Your pantry is beautiful!!! It's so big! And I love the door. It looks great. Love those bins!


  8. It looks so great! Don't you just love how it looks when you go in there now?? Thanks for sharing!