Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Simple comforts

A trip to the dollar store last night did not net what our family really needs asap -- a new fly swatter -- but I did come across one of these travel neck supports. Nearly every night for almost four years, I have been up, at least once, in a rocking chair, soothing one of my boys. Sometimes I doze off with my head at some unnatural angle, and I thought this little beauty might be just the thing to keep me upright.

The support was fine on its own, but I figured a washable cover would be ideal. A quick rummage through the scrap bin netted this bit of minty green flannel, cut off the end of a quilt back in its previous life. A couple snips and stitches later, and my neck support is now soft and more hygienic. Here's the basic process in photos.

Place support on two layers of fabric and trace around shape, adding extra for seam allowance. Pencil crayon worked fine.

Cut the shape and pin right sides together. Add a small zipper to outside curve.

After zipper is attached, stitch around edge of the support. Make sure the zip is open enough to turn the cover right side out!

Clipping the corners makes the seams sit better once turned. I probably should have trimmed the seam allowance a little more, too.

Turn the cover right side out and smooth seams. Ahhh, soft & washable!

If I get really ambitious, I'll attached a loop to secure my neck support to the rocker.

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