Monday, August 30, 2010

Spray paint saves!

As promised, here`s a couple of the little projects I`ve been working on between house guests (needed some new last-minute pillow covers -- so GREAT to have a sewing machine!) and enjoying the awesome weather. First up is the little chairs I picked up off of Freecycle.



I painted them red, after what felt like hours of sanding and priming. I learned sanding takes much longer than I anticipated, and that I probably under-applied the primer. As a result, there are still some damaged areas that show through on the seat, and if they bug me enough, I may re-do the seats at some point. The matching table was in much worse shape than the chairs, and is still sitting in the garage. I envision it bright blue, with maybe some sort of black and white racing flag design built in for the race track playroom theme that`s percolating in my mind. Maybe one day.

Next up is the pair of weirdly painted little vases I found on the curb while out for a walk with the boys one evening. I was too embarrassed to pick them up since the sun was still up so sent hubby out with the car under the cover of night.
is this tole painting?
I used a textured spray paint that`s supposed to resemble stone. I think the new look is better than the originals, but I`m not sure if I like them or not. For now, they vases are sitting on either end of my fireplace mantel. I think they might look nice with some fall leaves, so will keep them around at least that long.
newly texture-sprayed


The last piece I wanted to post about was the little white plant stand/mini table I repainted. I used a darker colour (oil rubbed bronze), which looked great. Then I Mod Podged some scrapbook paper onto the underside of the top. No one would probably ever see it, but I liked having it there. It`s kind of like wearing fancy panties under your mommy jeans  (=

Anyway, as I was looking for my camera to snap a pic this morning, my youngest decided to use the little table to body surf. Boy 1. Table 0. So repairs and a new paint job are now on my to-do list. I also have a ton of alterations to do, so will be busy with that for the next while.


  1. Those chairs turned out so cute! Good job on the vases. They don't even look like the same ones.

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