Saturday, July 10, 2010

Girly butterfly mobile

As a mom of boys, I don't often get the chance to take on girly/pretty/ruffly crafts. My guys are all about trucks and dinosaurs and stuff you can jump off of, and I love that. BUT, this was so much fun, and when I saw a version of it a post of Pottery Barn inspired decor on Balancing Beauty and Bedlam, I knew it would be a perfect as a 'room warming' gift to a little girl who will be moving part-time into a new bedroom in a new apartment soon. Hope she likes it.

My version is a little different than my inspiration, but I used what I had for materials, only having to purchase a small spool of ribbon for 50 cents to complete the project. The original uses an embroidery hoop as the circular frame. I didn't have a spare large hoop, so I rescued a dollar-store metal web trash can that was crumpled and heading into the trash and cut off the top rim and the entire bottom to form my frame.

I used some of the cheap ribbon to attach the two pieces, and then added more strings. The photo below reminds me of some weird sea creature.

Then I cut out 36 butterflies, 12 of each of three colours. I traced the form from a webpage and then simplified the shape a little to keep the lines fairly clean. I ended up with a few left over, but I made sure to have enough because I didn't want to go back to cutting!

After the butterflies were cut, I added two little slits to the body of each one, so I could slide the ribbons through. Slide may be an was a bit of a chore (I recommend hanging it to adjust the placement). Once all the butterflies were in place, I strung beads on the ends of the ribbons. Was going to glue gun the ends for a nice finish, but got tired and had boys pulling at me, so went with quick knots instead.

I think the end result is pretty cute, especially for a 50-cent husband wasn't so impressed until he learned it wasn't staying in our house. Men.

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  1. That is SO cute - I love the idea of butterflies on the mobile! You did a great job!!

  2. Very cute! Thanks for linking this up!

    I heart butterflies. I don't get to use them much either with all my little men!

  3. This came out great. The beads add the perfect touch.

    Thanks for socializing with me Monday til Sunday!

    Hope to see you this week! :)