Saturday, June 13, 2009

I need closure!

Well, maybe closure isn't the right word, but I certainly need to finish off some of the many small projects I have sitting in various stages of completion. From the top of my head, the inventory includes: a half-done hoodie vest for my son, some Christmas placements that I intend to gift, a cute cross stitch project, a vintage-inspired apron, two baby quilts (and those babies are coming soon!), a knitted baby beanie, a pair of knitted baby hockey skate booties that I donated as a prize to a fund-raising auction, a few sets of knitted dishtowels and coordinating dish cloths (also intended for Christmas gifts).

On the plus side of things, I did finish a cute knitted baby bib (love these for their super absorbency) that will go to a friend this weekend. I plan to make many more of these. I also owe hubby a cover for some of his electronic equipment, and I've been thinking of switching to (homemade) cloth diapers, at least for my youngest. My oldest is in the early stages of potty training, so I don't want to throw any more below-the-belt curves his way.

So that's my list. I'll have to report back and check those off as I finish them.

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  1. Just stopping by, we share the same name and obviously the same taste in blog layouts.