Sunday, June 14, 2009


Taking a hard look at my unfinished projects gave me a little boost the other night, and I've been able to complete the booties for auction, and one of the baby quilts (aside from a bit of thread clipping).

The pattern I used for the booties called for knitted blades, but after three attempts that resulted in floppy blades, I decided to switch to crochet, and that worked much better. The auction winner of these booties is married to a hockey fanatic and the couple is expecting their second little girl next month.

Although the quilt (my first ever) turned out fairly well, I did manage to make a major error when putting together the top; the final round of blocks was only put in on three sides before I ran out of fabric, and had nothing else that matched (the original fabric was a garage sale find). That's what happens when you try to be clever when you're sleep deprived and operating with baby brain!

To correct the problem, I cut down the blocks on the three sides, and sewed one of the cut strips to the side where I was missing that pattern. Then I wrapped that slimmed down block around the edge of the quilt and used it as a binding. The end result isn't what I had originally envisioned, but the quilt's eventual recipient won't know the difference. Hmmm, I should check if she's a fan of crafty blogs.

I decided on machine quilting, in a very simple diagonal pattern with a star in the centre, because it's fast and actually ended in a finished piece. I once tried hand quilting and I'm absolutely terrible -- the baby who is getting this quilt would likely have been in college before I finished hand quilting. I'll practice that on something just for me, when time isn't an issue.

Great news -- my grandmother is coming to visit next week. She's likely to want to spend lots of time with the kids, so I'm hoping that will translate into some unexpected free time for me. Yea!

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  1. oh my! such cute booties! I'm always impressed by anyone who can crochet! Thanks for linking up with Make it by Monday!