Thursday, April 23, 2009

A topper

Chaos and space restrictions are still confining me to smaller projects so I made a hat for my oldest son using an old pattern (Butterick 4350) and some cute critter fabric remnants I had from another project. It's not great sewing wise, but it's fine for the abuse it will suffer at the hands of a two-year-old boy this summer. I thought the fabric was a great 'boy' choice, but then I added a green ribbon (and didn't do a good of job of it), and I'm now wondering if the ribbon trim makes it a little too girly. Time will tell. Here's a photo:

I'm not sure what's next on my to-do list. I found a cute pattern for a pleated girl's top (or dress) and pants (or shorts) that I may try to sew up for a friend's daughter. I yearn to make little pink creations, but I don't think either of my boys would appreciate being so daintily clad!

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