Monday, April 13, 2009

Summer Tote

As I suspected would happen, my husband started my wall of shelves ages ago and still hasn't finished them. What that means for me is that my craft room -- supposedly my sanctuary in the house -- is a not-so-user-friendly mess. Ah well, the shelves will be great when (if??) they're done. In the meantime, I decided to take on a small project to keep me sane.

My step mom has been after me to make her a tote bag similar to one I made for my grandmother a year ago, so I finally got my fingers moving on that. The pattern is Summer Tote (#122) from Lazy Girl Designs, and I have to say it sewed up in a few hours and came out pretty well. The pattern is described as:

Enjoy 'Summer' year-round with this fabulous and flirty 'go anywhere' tote. Summer has it all, inside and outside pockets, zip top and smart handles that never tire. 15" W x 11" H"

This is the photo from the pattern:

And this is my version, in slightly less bright colours:

My version isn't as crisp looking, but will look decent after a good pressing. Things I like about this bag include the durability of adding Heat-n-Bond Lite between the cover and lining fabrics...the effect is rather like canvas, and also the roomy interior pockets. I'm not so crazy about the look of the grab tags at either end of the zipper, although they do serve a useful purpose. I'll probably make the bag again, but with smaller tags.

So that's it for the tote. But one other follow-up item...the little vests I planned to make for my sons aren't happening as they were intended. The colours I picked for the bear and kitty face appliques don't match the fleece or the trim or the zipper, so the vests will be plain for now. I'll do the animal versions when I'm able to plan my shopping better.

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