Saturday, February 7, 2009

Where I am now

I am terrible about starting projects and not finishing them. I get really excited in the beginning, gather up my supplies, cut out my pattern pieces, cut the fabric (usually badly, which always causes me problems later), get started, and then stop. I either run out of energy, hit a snag, run out of time, etc. Insert appropriate excuse here.

So, I end up with unfinished projects that sit around and make me crazy. This shirt (Simplicity 5074), for example, was started more than a year ago. Just before starting the sleeves (sleeves scare me!), I found out I was pregnant, so used that as an excuse to not finish.

I had a few minutes of kid- and husband-free time this morning so went down to my craft room and thought about what new project I could start. Then I saw the shirt and decided it NEEDS to be finished, even if I have to lose a bit more baby weight before I can actually wear it!

The pattern calls for voluminous sleeves that look nice, but honestly won't work with my lifestyle. I need something a little more compact, so I'm attempting to alter the pattern to something more to my liking. Keep in mind, I've never done a sleeve even with a pattern, let alone trying to change one up on the fly, so who knows how it will turn out.

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