Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thread Holder for my Sewing Room

I have spools of thread all over my house -- which makes it hard to find what I need. There's a small plastic holder in my sewing room, but it doesn't seem to hold larger spools. They always pop off and roll across the floor.
Solution? Grab a piece of plywood from the garage, staple some fabric to it, and direct hubby to pound on a nail every two inches. Let the kids watch and call it craft time. (:
We used a drill to screw in a couple holes and mounted it right next to my sewing table. So handy! Small word of caution...careful when drilling through the fabric so that it doesn't tear (lesson learned!). It would be best to drill the mounting holes prior to covering the board with fabric.
I love it!


  1. Genius idea! So simple, yet so smart! Love it!!

  2. Oh I love it!!!! I have a few yards of that same fabric too - it's Ikea non? Spools of thread always make me happy. I hope you are feeling well, I have been thinking about you. I was in Ottawa in the weekend visiting my sister who just had a baby.

  3. Fantastic idea. It seems like it would also be good at letting you know what colour you are out of/ran out of.

    I hope you are feeling good, I haven't seen you around in a while :)

  4. What a great idea! Do you find the threads get dusty though? Our house is always dusty, so I hide my threads away in a drawer, but they would be much nicer up on the wall!

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    as far as the threads getting dusty, walmart sells a clear vinyl that you can sew into a see thru cover.use velcro or other means to hold it in place. hope you can use some of this. kizzy