Saturday, April 7, 2012

Curtain Rod Quick Fix

My dining room has two narrow windows, dressed with panels on rods top and bottom and cinched in the middle with a band of fabric. Simple and nice enough, but my boys are forever pulling at the panels and bending the flimsy little rods. A few months ago, one of the rods broke and has been left unfixed since then.

With company coming for Easter dinner tomorrow, it was past time to remedy that situation. I didn't have a spare rod so thought of what I thought is a fairly clever replacement. Seriously, I was so proud of myself...hubby just rolled his eyes at me.

Tada! An elastic band. I used a paper clip to thread the elastic through the curtain rod channel. It worked, cost less than a penny, and did I mention how tickled I was? Feel free to join my hubby eye rolling now. (:

Happy Easter and Passover to everyone celebrating this week.

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