Friday, December 23, 2011

Train Christmas Stocking

One of my favourite parts of Christmas festivities is opening stockings with my family. I also love making Christmas stockings, so when our local playgroup was looking for items to donate for an auction, I offered up two custom made stockings. The auction winner asked for a stocking like this one (sorry, I don't know the source):

Which turned into this stocking:

Each piece was drawn and cut freehand, and then fused to the stocking with Heat-n-Bond Ultra. I stitched around some of the areas, like the windows for accent and security, but I'm pretty sure this will never come apart.

In case I don't get around to posting again before the big day, Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. its soooooo cute Tasha... totally different from usual... its reall adorable...
    Wish you a very Happy Christmas
    with love from

  2. too cute! i've been working on some stockings too... maybe they'll be done by next year ;)

  3. So adorable Tanya! I love all the details that you added! Your sewing skills are very impressive!

  4. Your stocking looks amazing. The picture of the first one I believe is from Pottery Barn. Love that stocking. I ended up making ours, but did not decorate them in the end. Loved the simplicity. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Tanya! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

  5. Tanya, that is an amazing interpretation of the inspiration stocking. I think a little boy will be very pleased. Your letters are cut to perfection, my applique never looks so perfect.

  6. Wow that turned out fantastic! Custom stocking is such a great idea for an auction.