Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fly, fly away...

Well, we didn't exactly fly away, but my little family did take a spur-of-the-moment helicopter tour of the city this afternoon. Now that we're back on the ground, safe and sound, I can say Coolest. Mother's Day. Gift. EVER!

Josh was captivated by the idea of flying. It was his first time.

I was wondering if this would be my final Mother's Day!

Spencer couldn't get enough of the views. He sat on Dad's lap.
Downtown, Parliament, and bridges leading to Quebec.

My view, sitting next to the pilot!
Look how tiny this helicopter is! My hubby (left) kept telling himself not to put Spencer on his shoulders as he normally does!
What an amazing experience. I've flown in commercial planes before, but this was a totally different animal.  All those windows and the very close quarters makes the flying very 'real' compared to plane, which can feel like you're barely moving, especially if you're in an aisle seat. Take off and landing were also very fun, and totally different than a plane. LOVED it!

Happy Mother's Day to you all.


  1. Oh wow! How amazing is that! Happy mothers's day tanya, glad it was a wonderful experience for you.

  2. What a fantastic Mother's Day gift! Glad you had such a wonderful experience!

  3. Wow Tanya, what a special way to celebrate! So glad you and your family had a fun time! I bet your little boys are still talking about their fun helicopter ride!

  4. Oh my! I have always wanted to try this. It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day Tanya.

    (PS Your Easter cedar nests are brilliant).

  5. Oh Tanya what a trilling experience ... isn't? my breath stops with the photo... in which you are next to the thrilling...

  6. That's so cool! I lived in Ottawa for a summer when I was in University....I lived right off of Dalhousie Avenue downtown. I keep meaning to get back to Ottawa one of these days! Angie xo