Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day was a sad occasion for me up until five years ago. Although I desperately wanted children,  it didn't seem to be happening for me. So as I congratulated the moms around me back then, on the inside, I was devastated. Little did I know that only days later I would discover I was pregnant with my oldest son. Now, knowing that that little body was growing inside me on that sad day, I look back at it as one of the most amazing Mother's Days of my life. Sniffle. Okay, enough mushy stuff!

Here is a little mommy-and-me apron set I whipped together for a Mother's Day Appreciation swap hosted by one of the playgroups I joined. My swap recipient likes purple, and I had this fabric in my stash, so it worked out well.

And, lucky girl that I am, this is the goodness-filled basket that was delivered to my doorstep!

Delicious chocolates, a selection of yummy teas and a card that made me giggle out loud. Perfect. Thank you!


  1. Happy Mother's Day, nice story thanks for sharing. The aprons are really cute.

  2. how adorable! Happy Mother's Day to ya!

  3. You know, I have 4 kids and now 4 grandkids too, I can remember there were a couple years in a row that at least one of my kids was home sick from Church on Mother's day. So, that meant that my hubby stayed home with said person. Mostly cause at the time I directed the singing during for the congregation. So, anyway... I can remember being overwhelmed and in the entryway of the Church and crying... a gal I knew (single) just couldn't understand why I was overcome and crying!!! I cry at the drop of the word!!! Maybe it was just a mom thing... but you know, my kids are all grown up... and I find myself crying most Mother's Days... because I appreciate being able to be a mom! I have one daughter that unless they either go invetro or adopt... she won't be able to be a mom at all!
    Although not all my kids are able to spend this special day with me (one lives outta state) I get to at least speak to all my kids on this special day! Hope yours was wonderful too!