Wednesday, March 2, 2011

General Tso tofu & veggie fried rice

I love browsing linky parties…so many good ideas. One of the gems I came across last week was this simple recipe for a meatless meal, General Tso tofu and vegetable fried rice, from Jennifer at Peas & Crayons. I happened to have some firm tofu in the fridge (and really, no clue what to do with it!), so thought I’d give the General Tso a try.

So. Good. Seriously, I was a bit skeptical about the tofu, but a little crust from an egg and corn starch dredging, and the sauce made it a fabulous meal that even my picky sons and meat-lovin’ hubby devoured. Zero leftovers.

Feast your eyes on this:

general tso tofu and fried rice

Okay, it’s blurry, and not the most fabulous food photography, but my kids were literally trying to grab the bowl as I turned on the camera. They did manage to run away with the chopsticks before I could click the shutter, but you get the idea. Yummers. Even more yummers when I poured extra sauce on top of everything.

Here’s the recipe as seen on Peas & Crayons:

Fabulous Fried Tofu

1 pkg extra firm tofu
1 whisked egg
1 shallow dish of corn starch for light dredging
General Tso's sauce of your choice
1-2 teaspoons of olive oil

Press extra moisture out by placing a heavy pot or pan on a paper towel wrapped brick of extra firm tofu.  Next, dip in egg wash and lightly dredge in corn starch.  Heat a frying pan with 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil and lightly fry tofu on all sides.  Once golden, pour in a light layer of General Tso's Sauce to coat.  Plate tofu with your delish fried rice and enjoy =)

I didn’t have any General Tso sauce on hand, so whipped up my own version using 5 tbsp rice wine vinegar, 3 tbsp white sugar, 3 tbsp low sodium soy sauce, and a pinch of ginger powder. I have no idea if that’s even remotely authentic, but it tasted awesome after I threw it into the hot pan with my fried tofu and let it caramelize a bit.

Jennifer also provided a yummy recipe for veggie fried rice, but I just improvised with what I had in the fridge.

This tofu will definitely be going into my regular dinner rotation. It’s high protein, low fat, easy to prepare – and ridiculously delicious. Try it!

PS…does anyone know the correct spelling for Tso? I’ve seen Tso, Tao, Tsao…never sure which to use.


  1. Ahhhh this is the highlight of my day! <3 I'm so glad you loved it... and the boys too!!! Success!

    good call on the homemade sauce - i'm totally using your sauce recipe for my next tofu-fest! Thanks girl -- and thanks for the link love! I can't wait to feature this on my recipe post i'm working on! you rock!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Thanks for sharing Tanya. My daughter stopped eating meat 2 months ago and I've been looking for new recipes to try for her. Glad to know your meat-lovin’ hubby enjoyed it, therefore I know mine will too!

  3. Looks delicious! Will definitely try this. My youngest daughter is a vegetarian so I am always looking for meet free recipes. Thanks for posting this !!!

  4. yum - looks good - you seem a natural wiht the tofu - all that whippin' up sauce talk! well done!

  5. I had never thought to dredge tofu, what a great looking recipe. I have seen it spelled all of those ways too - I guess you can use any of them. I love the flavors in it.

    I will be posting your great giveaway later today or tomorrow. I love it. It doesn't look handmade, at least not the way it would have looked if I had handmade it! Your knitting is so even and wonderful. I love the clever way it attaches too. We are still cold here, so I have plenty more use out of it. Thanks again so much. I had never won anything until these last few months blogging. It is just a blast!

  6. I really like Tofu when I order it out, but never think to make it at home, but yours looks really great, and so simple to do. Will definitely give this one a try.