Saturday, January 1, 2011


happy new year

I want to wish everyone a very happy 2011. Hubby and I don’t really celebrate the change of one year to the next, but I do try to make some vague resolutions each year.

On my list for 2011:

* lose weight – I think this has been on my list for the last 15 years!

* spend more time in my craft room

* stop ignoring my Etsy shop. It needs more inventory. Four items aren’t cutting it.

* give my boys more exposure to our local cultural resources…museums, festivals, etc.

* this one is sort of related to #1 & #2, but I want to start making more clothing for myself. It’s been years since I’ve made anything significant for my own wardrobe. I’m always putting it off until I reach ___ size.

* learn a new skill

So those are some of my general resolutions. In the more immediate future, I’m hoping to do my 100-post giveaway (yes, late) early next week, so watch for that.


  1. I have hard time sticking to resolutions. Losing weight always seems to be at the top of my list too! Good luck with your list!!!

  2. Great goals Tanya and happy New Year!! I am so jealous you have an actual craft room :) enjoy it!

  3. You have some nice resolutions. I am think the best one is educating your boys in the arts.

  4. Ugh don't remind me about the first one! I am actually headed to the gym tomorrow for the first time in um.... well before I knew I was having twins...long time! Good luck on yours!!

  5. Great resolutions... sounds a lot like mine, lol. Losing weight has been on the list for EVER! I haven't been doing good but there is always tomorrow... right?! LOL