Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A bag for under the tree

Another handmade gift for under the tree -- a cute little bag with cross-body strap for my husband's college-aged step sister.

This little bag sewed up in an evening, even without the benefit of pressing (my iron was out of commission). I chose a sturdy corduroy fabric for the outside, with faux-suede accents and a leopard print lining. A girl's gotta have a little drama! The pattern is a tester of the Jenny Bag from I Think Sew, and it features a long, cross-body strap, magnetic snap and interior pockets -- perfect for a young woman on the go!

In other news, I was very surprised to discover this morning that Brandi from Don't Disturb This Groove has given me my first blog award! Thank you, Brandi!

In order to accept this award, here are the rules:

Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this.
Share 7 things about yourself
Pay it forward to 10 bloggers whom you feel are deserving
Contact those bloggers and tell them about their award.

7 things about me:
1. I listen to Christmas music all year long, so this is the one season of the year people don't look oddly at me.
2. I have three large, framed photos of my dog above the fireplace, even though I have two dearly loved human kids.
3. I volunteer with our local village association & for several playgroups.
4. My grandmother was my matron of honour. She's an amazing person!
5. I can't figure out how women possibly walk in high heels -- please don't take away my 'stylish' award!
6. I would rather play with my kids than mop the floor, and sometimes it shows.
7. I find British novels annoying to read.

Pay it Forward to 10 GREAT Bloggers: 
In no particular order...
1. Christmas Believe
2. Whispering Christmas
3. Susie Harris
4. The Homesteading Apartment
5. House Revivals
6. Unique Sweets
7. Blessed Little Nest
8. Cats and Calico
9. Three Boys
10. You Remind Me of Home


  1. Hi Tanya

    Thank you so much for including me in this, it is so thoughtful of you :) 7 things about myself:

    1. I love Christmas & get out twinkle lights on the fireplace when it rains & that happens a LOT in England :)
    2. I love staying at home if I can to enjoy a Christmas film and a cuppa of cocoa.
    3. I never give any Christmas gifts to friends/family without ribbon and bows.
    4. I am thinking about starting my own Christmas/festive decorations business where I'd get paid to decorate, would be absolute heaven.
    5. I have found the best dieting method to be crafting so your fingers are busy creating rather than eating ;)
    6. Blogging inspires me to be more creative.
    7. I have just purchased a new sewing machine so I can start sewing pretty things soon.

    I'll now go and pass it on to 10 people :)


  2. You are so sweet! It is my first award too. I will get cracking on that, thank you!

    That purse is wonderful. It looks perfessional! You did a great job, she is a very lucky girl. Blessings to you on this Thanksgiving day. Thank you for all of your kind comments on my Christmas blog. Hugs

  3. Thanks a lot for you visiting to my blog and leave such encuraging words... your bag look great ... specially I love that how you attach the lining...

  4. Great gift Tanya, I only just discovered I think Sew. The patterns are wonderful. I can't believe you constructed that bag without an iron, wonderful!

  5. Hi Tanya,
    Nice to meet you. Let me introduce myself. I am Brazilian and I am living in Vancouver. Your country is lovely. Please excuse my english because I'm still learning your language.
    I received this award from my dear Mandie and through her met your blog.
    I loved the bag.

  6. Hello Tanya, thanks for the feedback.
    The Mandie gave the prize to my other blog which is the Christmas Decorating (Decorando o Natal in portuguese). Have you visited the Better than Ever. Feel free to visit the other blog.

  7. beautiful friend.Thank u very much 4 ur lovely comment on my blog

  8. Hi Tanya, I am SO SO SO sorry it has taken me so long to get this out but... I did it!!! Thank you, thank you for such an awesome award. Stop by and take a look!!