Monday, October 25, 2010

Dino Play Mat

After seeing these cute dino play mats at Serving Pink Lemonade and Support Blog for Moms of BOYS, I knew stitching up a few of these babies would be on top of my Christmas to-make list. My boys love dinosaurs, but I'm also envisioning a mechanic's shop or something for Hot Wheels. So many options.

I took advantage of a 50% off sale at our local Fabricland, as well as 20% off at our brand new (EEK!) Michael's store (only 6 minutes from my doorstep -- oh so dangerous) to pick up a variety of craft felt and got to work. Here's the finished mat:

Love felt!


Where's my tail?

Back is zippered for handy dino storage
The general design of the Pink Lemonade version was cute, so I freehanded a kind-of copy, but larger, more like the Moms of Boys version, and then added my own touches, like a cool cave with a real opening, some basic thread detailing, dimensional plants & lava, and a zipper in the backing so it can be opened up to store a few dinosaur friends. Love how this turned out!

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  1. I love it! Thanks for sharing your mat with me.

  2. OMGosh, love the zipper storage and the little cave. Perfect!

  3. I love this mat. You did a fantastic job.

    PS A new Michaels in Ottawa, do tell. Do you know that there is technically no Michaels in central Toronto? all are on the outskirts!!! I give my dad who lives in Ottawa my Michaels coupons and a list!

  4. AMAZING! Loving this! My daughter is however not into dinos ... wondering whether I should make a horse mat or something like that ... :-)

  5. This is just killer! What a great boy gift. I can see them playing with this for hours. I love that the dinos can go places and storage too.

  6. Tanya... it looks great! They will love! I like the storage option you created, too. Glad I'm not the only one sewing for Christmas!!