Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bean Bags!

My boys love playing with bean bags. We toss them around in the house, take them to the park, use them in the car. They're so versatile and literally hours of fun. So when I was looking for a little something extra to add to a birthday gift for a little guy I consider my honourary nephew, bean bags were a natural choice.

They're just denim squares with appliqued letters (all from my scrap bin!), but I hope he gets as much fun out of them as my family does with ours.

Today is Hallowe'en (although just barely). The ghost wreath I made earlier is hanging on the door, the kids decorated a couple pumpkins with buttons and 'hair' at a playdate, and when we wake up later this morning, we will carve a jack-o-lantern. But unlike so many others in blogland, there will be no fancy outdoor displays to greet our trick-or-treaters. Why? Because Hallowe'en tends to look more like Christmas around here. This is the view from my patio door -- spooky enough for you?   (=

We'll be getting our spook on with costumes and trick or treating this evening, despite the inclement weather. Happy Hallowe'en!

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  1. Loving those bean bags. My baby boy has just one at the moment ... it is not a bean but a rice bag. But he loves throwing it! :-)
    I am planning to make more. Should really do that soon. Maybe I will make them as a St. Nicolaus present which we celebrate December 6th ...

  2. Wonderful job on these. We use bean bags at gymnastics class on the balance beam (step over). My girls love them. This is a wonderful gift.

  3. The monograms on the bags are sooo cute.

    Sorry about the snow for Halloween. We had terrible rains but then by 6 it cleared up and the kids were all out having fun.

  4. Oh my heavens... SNOW!!! That would spook me, lol. We are not ready for the snow quite yet. We have some wood chopped but NOT ready for snow, tehe. Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

  5. What? Snow??! Wow. Well, the bean bags are awesome anyway. I need to make some of those for Ash. She'd love them. So would Britt for that matter! I'm sure Evan did/will too!

  6. Great ideas with the Bean Bags! Snow... I was thinking, "Really?" but, I realized where you are from :) I'm from Kentucky and I'm hoping for snow {maybe Jan. or Feb} lol

    Thanks for following DWYH! {many hugs}