Friday, October 8, 2010

Capes fit for a pint-sized superhero

I finally remembered to snap a couple photos of the capes I made as favours for a friend's son's birthday party. Of course, I remembered in the wee hours of the morning, so more badly lit, middle-of-the-night-so-I-don't-have-a-model shots it is.

A wee ruffled version for the birthday boy's brand new sister

These are super shiny in real life...couldn't capture it in photos
 I'm excited to deliver these capes to their new owners. Keeping them away from my boys has been a challenge to say the least! Not much other crafty stuff going on over the past week, since I've been busy doing boring money-making work like hemming, curtains and taking in shirts for others. Not glamourous stuff, but I enjoy being able to bring in a little mad money to fund my craft habit spend on my boys. Now that most of that is out of the way, I hope to finish off the baby blanket I've been knitting, as well as a baby quilt and a charity quilt.

This week also saw a lot of baking for various fundraisers. I find charitable baking really satisfying as I'm able to fulfill my urge to bake without taking in all the calories of said baked goods. Nice! Since I was busy baking, I didn't stick to my meal plan. In this case, it was a blessing in disguise because I happened upon this recipe for cauliflower marranca and decided to experiment. So, so yummy! I added chickpeas for protein, which was great for the boys and I, but also sauteed a quick pan of shrimp for hubby, since he's really not into non-meat meals.

Use richly flavoured cheese for best result
And to finish off, healthy banana splits, made of half a sliced banana with whipped peanut butter sandwiched between the slices, vanilla Greek yogurt, fresh raspberries, and just a drizzle of chocolate sauce. We had these for lunch one day, too, and added some vanilla almond crunch cereal on top. Boys loved them. 

 Speaking of my boys, the youngest had another insect bite of some sort, this time more toward his ear rather than on his forehead. No matter, same instant swelling reaction. The swelling got worse and worse for three days before finally subsiding. I finally convinced the doctor to refer Spencer to an allergist, because I don't know what's been biting him.

First 24 hours -- swelling to the side

Day 2 -- eye fully closed now. And my little trooper is still smiling.


  1. Oh my goodness, that poor little guy! I hope they can find what is getting him and making him swell up so bad. What a trooper! The capes are supper cute and the bananna split looks oooo yummy! Blessings

  2. I'm planning on make some capes for Christmas this year!
    Thanks for the inspiration at Socialize with me Monday til Sunday.