Saturday, October 9, 2010

Baby quilt for a future lil' farmer

One of my old high school chums is expecting her first child later this month, and I'm really excited for her. She's just one of those people who you know is going to be a great mom. Anyway, she and her husband have decorated the little guy's room (they know it'll be a boy) with a farm theme, and the baby daddy is a big John Deere fan, so when I say this quilt panel on sale, I knew I had to make it up for them.

Cuddly goodness

Denim strip to add length to short flannel backing!
I machine quilted around the pictures on the panel, and then rolled the edge around the backing and stitched it to the back to create a binding...and to hide the fact that my backing was a tiny bit small. I also had to add a line of denim patches to the back to make up for the flannel short fall, but it does double duty in upping the cute factor  (= . The binding looks a bit bulky in the back view photo, but it looks better in real life.

More hemming to do tonight (working toward earning enough $ to buy a coverstitch machine -- I calculated that I have to hem nearly 400 pairs of pants to buy the one I want. A little daunting, but otherwise, it's just not in our budget.) and then hopefully onto some Hallowe'en and Christmas projects. Yea, Christmas!


  1. Tanya... this is adorable! Your friend is going to love this! What a great gift... especially since you made it!

  2. Love the denim strip addition, it adds alot!