Monday, September 27, 2010

KCWC -- days 4,5, 6 & 7

I was determined to make more pants for my boys during the tail end of Elsie Marley's fall edition of the Kids' Clothing Week Challenge, but other projects took over. To my credit, I did purchase some denim and corduroy fabric to make pants, but it still has to be washed before I make anything with it.

The sewing that I did do was a mish mash of things that had to be done (like finishing altering a flower girl dress -- no photo), and fun projects, like a baby kimono (pattern courtesy of Amy @ Habitual -- great site if you haven't visited), some (ten!) superhero capes, and knitting part of a blanket for a soon-to-arrive baby. I know a blanket isn't technically clothing, and knitting isn't technically sewing, but  I still have a lot of work to do on it, and not enough time, so I'm counting it. Some pics:

Simple design - 25 50 stitch x 50 row blocks, alternating colours

These still need some cool lightening bolt appliques!

Not happy with the binding on this. Needs pressing.

On the kid craft front, the boys and I invited some little friends over and made slime this morning. There weren't any major casualties, but in the future, I'd reserve this as a group activity only when the adult-child ratio is 1:1. Regardless, my boys LOVED the slime. Yep, even hubby, who spent at least an hour playing with the sample slime I made last night in preparation for today's playdate. Great entertainment for the kids, but it does contain Borax, so best to supervise closely so that no one mistakes it for Jello. I recently saw this project on a blog (can't remember which one -- ergh), that linked to this YouTube video with the 'recipe'. We used clear glue instead of white, and next time, I'm going to add some glow-in-the-dark gel. Really hope that works!

And finally, I made a really, really yummy banana cake yesterday. The recipe is from Recipe Zaar, and it's no fail. Oh, and absolutely decandent. I reduced the icing sugar in the frosting to 2 cups (down from the called for 3.5 cups) so it wasn't too sweet for my boys, but it'd be awesome with the full amount, too! This one is a caloric nightmare, so don't even check the link if you're on a diet. It's bad, bad news, all wrapped up in a really tasty package. Again, no photo of the cake (just a gratuitous kid shot) -- I served it at this morning's playdate, and, well,  like I said, really tasty package  (=

This batter-covered face adds to my joy of baking!


  1. I have printed out that Habitual kimono pattern as well, but it is on my "someday" list! I love the fabric you chose, absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Oh, that clear glue makes it look SO GREAT! I'm totally using that next kids will love it even more. Thanks so much for the suggestion!