Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cloche, corks & cars

I've been feeling scattered this week, and not terribly motivated to craft. I have a lot of to-do items hanging over my head right now, and that always plays into a halt on creativity. One little project did get started and completed, so hopefully I'll get more done the rest of this week.

Several of the moms in my playgroup are about to give birth to second, third and fourth children. I always like to make at least a little something for the new babe, even if it makes me a smidgen sad because I probably won't be having more children of my own. This little cloche hat from Aesthetic Nest came together pretty quickly. I like the flower detail a lot.

This bag of corky goodness was a free find on Kijiji. I admit I didn't think there would be this many corks (that is an industrial size garbage bag, about 30 inches across on the bottom!), so I think I'll be making a cork wreath or two in addition to the trivets I had originally planned on making. So far, my kids haven't spilled the bag. Fingers crossed for that little miracle to continue.

And finally, my ongoing quest to get my kids to eat resulted in this little sloppyjoe race car for lunch. I was browsing a really adorable blog called Making Memories with your Kids, when my son looked over my shoulder and noticed a photo of a similar 'race car sandwich' (as he called it). He was excited and so we made one. He still didn't eat more than a couple very small bites, but it was nice to see him excited by at least the idea of food.

Have a great Tuesday! This evening I'm off to a friend's house to sit and gab while we all work on different lap crafts.

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  1. wow! That is a LOT of corks! You can make so many fun things! I've seen so many creative ways to use corks in crafts. Hope you have fun making things!: )

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by. I love to link up with Ontario bloggers (I grew up in your neck of the woods). Love that cloche. Aesthetic Nest is a great source of inspiration. Total coincidence, I posted about a dress that I discovered from that blog yesterday!

  3. Thanks for commenting on my chili post. You should absolutely try the PB in the chili. DC has a chili cook-off every year in May and I went about 10 years ago and had my very first bite of PB chili and it was amazing! I've been trying to replicate it for some time now, I'm not there yet, but the chicken chili is my best attempt so far. :)

    I am completely jealous of your bag of corks. Oh the crafty goodness you can make with that! I love that race car sloppy joe too. My guy would love that! His new favorite is octo-dogs on top of mac n cheese. :) Have a great day!

  4. I'm new here! love the hat!!! we're having our first..a girl in a few months!!! I can see that hat on her! :)