Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hooked on applique

Blogland is loaded with all kinds of ridiculously cute applique projects to embellish kids' clothes. I always found it a bit intimidating, but I took the plunge and tried a simple tie t-shirt for my youngest. It took only the smallest sliver of scrap material - chosen in part because it matched the light blue thread already loaded in my machine! -- and was finished in about three minutes flat. And that includes 'help' from my three year old, and the extra time it took me to run a Clorox pen over the white part to fix a little oops I made by using a piece of yellow (and apparently not colour fast) fabric in place of a proper pressing cloth. Excuse the wrinkles...I'll press it after it's dry, but I wanted to snap a quick photo before it gets any gloomier.

I drew a freehand tie design on a scrap of Heat and Bond Lite, pressed it onto my fabric scrap and cut the whole thing out. This particular batch of Heat and Bond doesn't actually bond, but it did make the tie slightly sticky, which was enough to keep it in place while I ran a fast zig zag over the edge. Done. Of course, now I want to make a hundred more...

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  1. Adorable! I wish I had a boy so I could make one!

  2. LOVE this! And that color is just wonderful!

  3. So cute. I was planning to do this with onesies if any of my three girls had turned out to be a boy.