Monday, March 29, 2010

Stuff for someone else

I've noticed a trend in my sewing and other crafting: if it's something for me, it tends to go un-done. But if it's something for someone else, I seem to make time for it. Something to think about.

Anyway, this is the latest in my series of last-minute quilts, a gift for a friend with a new baby. It's her fourth child, so she probably already has a hundred blankets, but I always love something soft and new, so a baby quilt was a natural choice.

If the blue and aqua squares look familiar, it's because they're leftovers from the quilt I made for my nephew last summer. I only decided to do this quilt about 16 hours before I was going to deliver it, so using some pre-made scraps seemed like a good time saver. I added a strips in white and denim for contrast, along with a cute flannel backing and some bias tape for binding, and voila! Cuddly goodness. (PS...I HATE bias tape. As simple as it is to use, I always manage to mess it up).


  1. Pretty quilts and trying to rein myself in from starting another craft. I have found myself staring and fondling the quilting cottons at Joann' - At the same time trying to justify why I need the Simplicity Bias Trim maker... well if I start quilting it would be useful for that as well as my garments...

    Thanks for the lovely compliment on my ensemble.

  2. Cute quilt, I really want to start quilting, great inspiration.