Saturday, February 13, 2010

New toy!

Well, it's still in pieces on the floor of my craft room, but today I am the proud owner of a 'new' (to me!) Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter machine and a Grace machine quilting frame. I'm a terrible hand quilter, but really enjoy machine quilting. My 'main' sewing machine (Janome MC6600) is a quilting machine, but I find managing a larger-sized quilt really awkward without a frame. So...I found one on the used classifieds and hubby and I packed up the boys and drove the hour to go get it this morning. I'm SO excited to try it out!

Quilting excitement aside, I've been busy knitting another pair of extra-long thumbless mittens for a friend's son. Her little guy is almost the same age as my youngest, and I've found these long mittens easy to get on and difficult for kids to pull off, since they extend up nearly to the elbow. They also stop snow from sneaking into wrist openings. One looks bigger than the other in the photo, but they're the same size in reality.

After being stalled for nearly two months, I've finally lost a couple more pounds and decided to celebrate by adding some darts to shirts that I'm shrinking out of. Still lots more to lose, so I'm hoping this will help extend my wardrobe until I can fit into some of the smaller things in my closet. Now if only my broken toe would heal so I can get back to the treadmill.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your toe but score on the quilting machine I'm sure it was well worth the drive. Cute mittens