Friday, November 27, 2009

Another UFO completed!

It's taken me nearly a month and a half (pitiful!) to complete this simple little project, but Spencer's sleep sack is finally finished. His room is really chilly at night, and he's fond of tossing off his quilts, so I'm hoping this will help keep him cozy -- and, who am I kidding -- possibly even help him to sleep through the night. That'd be a sweet dream for both of us.

Anyway, here's the final sack. Like all of my projects, I've finished it after the kids' bedtime, so no model shots for tonight.

The thrifty part of me loves this project because it cost me virtually nothing. The materials, aside from the bias trim (which was less than $2) were all in my stash courtesy of garage sale finds, just sitting around waiting to be used. The outside of the sack is flannel, the inner layer is high loft poly batting, and the inner layer is cotton. I tried my hand at free motion quilting to quilt the layers together. Let's just say I need a bit more practice, but it the results were fine for this project.

I have more 'for sale' items to finish up before Christmas, and then, hopefully, I'll be able to get started on more projects for the family.

Edited to add new pic:

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