Saturday, October 31, 2009

Where'd October go?

I'm sitting here shaking my head in disbelief that October is already over. Where'd it go? And what have I been doing?

I did manage to complete a couple projects, including these super-cute jack-o-lantern candle holders, which I had perched in my window for the trick-or-treaters to see tonight. Can't take credit for the idea -- it came from another blog (Not So Idle Hands), which I love, but I did change them up a bit with painted lids. The lids are mostly to keep my boys from dumping out the tealights inside. My oldest hides them and my youngest would eat them (=

Sorry for the blurry pic...I couldn't find my tripod, and I've apparently grown shaky in my thirties!

I've also spent a lot of free time working on odd job sewing projects for others. With all the panic about H1N1 swine flu making people lose their minds, I've been selling a few of these shopping cart handle covers.

I'm a germaphobe (despite my messy house), so have been using one of these for years, but now that germs are on everyone else's minds, too, I might add a few to my Etsy shop and see what happens. A long time ago, I read somewhere about an experiment to test all the nasty stuff that could be found on an average shopping cart. The list was LONG and gross, and included feces. Enough said.

October 18th was the highlight of my was the date of the annual Glebe Fabric Fleamarket, so of course I stocked up on lots of odds and ends, including some great pure virgin wool that I got for a steal of a deal. Love it!

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