Monday, August 3, 2009

Late night online retail therapy

All the snags and slowdowns I've been experiencing in trying to get that blasted flower girl dress together have sucked away my sewing mojo. I've wasted three good night, just wandering around my sewing room, picking up fabric, sitting by my sewing machine and doing absolutely nothing. Last night I ended up surfing Ebay, and finished my evening by purchasing five new presser feet: a ruffler attachment; an invisible zipper foot; a teflon roller foot; a felling foot; and a sequin foot. Totally unnecessary purchases, but hubby gave me the okay to buy. I think I'm a tool and gadget junkie. For anyone who is interested, I bought the presser feet from Ebay seller dafent, with whom I've had good experiences in the past. As a bonus, he doesn't gouge on shipping charges, which is one of my personal online shopping pet peeves.

As always when I'm stalled in a project, I start dreaming of new ones. I've had snippets of visions of an applique quilt running through my head, which could be fun. Of course, I say that now, having never done applique! I was looking through an old quilting magazine from the library, and it showed a photo of Corean Liggitt's original Leaf quilt...absolutely charming!

Here's a pdf link to the quilt details (the image above is just a small piece), along with some templates. I love to dream big, but I think I better start with place mats or a table runner size!

Tonight, if my kids cooperate, I swear I will work on that dress. It needs to leave my sewing room asap!

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  1. I totally understand, I'm sure you will be thrilled with the final product but sometimes getting there can be a struggle.