Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quilt photos

Between a kids' birthday party Saturday morning, an out-of-town wedding reception Saturday night, and an out-of-town baby shower on Sunday afternoon, I had a no-sew weekend, so Grama's robe remains incomplete. BUT, here are the baby quilt photos I promised last time. I kept the design very basic due to time constraints, but it turned out really well, and, as luck would have it, the blue tones match the new baby's nursery exactly.

The top is made of four blue-toned cotton prints, cut into 2.5" strips, along with an accent border made of the same light blue flannel that backs the quilt. I used a single layer of high-loft batting, so it's cushy without being too heavy. I was going to bind the quilt in the same flannel, but was running short on time and happened to find a package of pre-fab double wide bias binding in a nice royal blue colour that went with the prints, so went with that instead. I still have a few strips left over, so I intend to make a couple matching quilted change pads.

As for Grama's housecoat, it now has a collar, but I have to re-work the front a little to add buttons (apparently she doesn't like zippers) instead of the zipper used in the original pattern, Butterick 6881. As per Grama's preference, I'm making the pink view, although I really like the quilted bodice version on the far left.

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