Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bedtime Book Sling

My oldest son and I have gotten into the habit of reading a few chapters of a big-kid book together each night before bed.

Unfortunately, his books would end up all over the dresser or the floor. So last night I found a piece of denim-y canvas-y type fabric and stitched it into a nifty book swing. It attaches to his bunk bed with snaps.

I was going to make a full tutorial, but really, this is just a rectangle of fabric with the long edges hemmed and short ends stitched together. The strap were stitched on last, with a single snap added to each one. I was afraid that the sling might sag in the middle, so I stitched two lines through the rectangle to create three separate pockets. It works brilliantly

Sorry about the wonky and fuzzy pictures. They're from my phone and aren't orienting properly for some reason (you should be able to see the whole sling, not just parts of it!). Could be because I'm learning to post from my phone, too. Live and learn!

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  1. Great idea! I love the fabric you used. My son would love it.

  2. I love it Tanya! So pratical and useful! Great job Mom! Angie xo

  3. As a little kid I always wanted a bunk bed but I was a only child so there was no point.