Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer play...

Ah, the wonderful, lazy days of summer! There's been lots of time spent outside with the kids, biking around the neighbourhood, enjoying the water, and playing with friends. Perfect!

I haven't had time for much crafting, but have managed to putter at some small projects here and there...see the sliver of blue skirt in the family photo above? It used to be a pair of too-big shorts.

The other day, hubby asked for a pouch to protect his computer in his backpack when he bikes to work. So I whipped up this little faux suede number. In the spirit of using what I have on hand, the lining is made from the bottom of a shortened bridesmaid dress and the zipper is white instead of camel (and not invisible), but you know what? Hubby couldn't care less.

More than a month ago, I started working on an appliqued baby quilt for an old high school friend expecting her first child. Well, that baby has been born, but  the quilt remains folded on my dining room table, completely unquilted. Here's a little peek from when I was playing around with the layout.

In addition to the quilt (now a priority!), my oldest son starts Junior Kindergarten in just under a month. I'd love to make him a cute backpack and maybe a matching zippered pouch to hold his spare clothes, tissues, and other things that stay at school. The urge to knit is also growing, and I've been searching out fun patterns for possible Christmas gifting.

One final summer's afternoon snack. We all love watermelon, and eat it in slices regularly, but to bump it up a little, I like to serve it as a salad -- doused in fresh lime juice, sprinkled with sea salt and ground pepper, and topped with crumbled feta and torn mint leaves. Sometimes I add a bit of onion (it's good!), but skipped that part today. Very refreshing salad.


  1. The watermelon salad looks great. I haven't seen anything like that. Sounds yummy :-)! You did a great job making that bag for his computer. And the quilt looks beautiful so far. The butterflies are adorable. Hope you are having a great week!

  2. Yes... I second the comment on the salad... guess I need to try it! Also the quilt looks cute... best get it done... lol... they don't stay small forever! I know this because my GD just turned 7 months old! I finished a quilt for her and sent it the middle of July!
    By the way.... have you lost weight? You look thinner in the family picture!
    Enjoy the day! Oh, and is Junior Kindergarten like pre-school? Just wondering... we don't have that here! (pre-school yes!)

  3. Looks like you are enjoying summer!! That quilt is precious Tanya, can't wait to see the finished piece.

  4. lovely family! glad you're enjoying your summer.

  5. what a lovely family photo you all look like you are having fun, rather than posing for the picture. The watermelon salad looks like it might be worth trying - thanks for sharing. g

  6. Hello, Just discovered your blog.

    That quilt looks so pretty and will look gorgous when it's completed.

    The salad looks very healthy and refreshing.

    Leah x

  7. I know, summer is hard! I just had a similar salad at a restaurant and loved the combination of watermelon, mint and feta. who would imagine that it is so great. Love it. sorry to see summer end.

  8. That salad looks delicious! And that quilt is gorgeous. I can't wait to see it all finished up.

  9. Loooooove those butterflies :) so beautiful. Glad to hear that you are having a nice summer with family.

  10. That salad looks so good! I am going to have to give it a try! I have an urge to knit as well! But slight problem...I don't knit..I have to learn! Ha! Angie xo