Friday, April 8, 2011

Plastic bag holder

Each month, one of the playgroups to which I belong, chooses a mom to spoil with cards and little gifts. The event is called M.O.M. for Mom of the Moment (or maybe month? Can’t remember.) This month, the chosen mom is one who has been collecting plastic milk bags for a project her own mom is doing. So I thought this might be an appropriate gift: a plastic bag holder.

bag tube outside

{Apparently, it’s the greenist thing in my backyard. Where are you, Spring?}

bag tube elastic bag tube twill

This was an easy project, inspired by something I saw in a Martha Stewart email. I didn’t follow her instructions, just folded over a sturdy but cute dishtowel lengthwise, trimmed a bit off one long edge and stitched it together. I threaded a short piece of elastic through one of the existing short hems, and rolled the other short hem down twice and stitched it to give the top opening more stability. Add a short handle, and it’s done.

I’m pre-stuffing the holder with milk bags (for the M.O.M.’s mom), and dropping it off later today.


  1. That is a really good idea. We have a ton of bags... we use them for trash bags. I just have them all shoved in a bigger bag in the garage. Your idea would sure make it look a lot nicer, lol. Have a great weekend

  2. This would be such a big improvement from my current bag stash! Thanks for the cute idea!!

  3. I really have been postponing making one of these - not good. In Toronto plastic bags must be purchased so I have really cut down on my stash, but there is still a messy stash.

    My girlfriend was also collecting milkbags aparently to be used as mats in Africa or something.

  4. These plastic bag holders can come in really and as you said super easy to make!

    Thanks for stopping by my site glad you did :)

  5. that is a great idea!