Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine’s potholders

I have to admit, Valentine’s Day has never been a big deal in our house. While I love him dearly, hubby isn’t exactly Mr. Romance, given to lovey-dovey gestures, particularly on a day he is convinced was contrived by the greeting card industry. My boys still don’t get the concept of Valentine’s Day, so I figured, what’s the point?

But then it started. Little glimpses of what everyone else in blogland is doing to heart up their homes and spirits. All that pinky goodness is getting to me. Step one was a baby step. I moved the coffee filter wreath I made for Christmas from the hallway to over the fireplace – with the addition, of course, of a few pink hearts that my boys and I fashioned out of pipe cleaners.

Then I saw a link to these cute heart-shaped pot holders from Martha Stewart. Although on an intellectual level, Martha represents to me so much of the perfectionism I try to reject in my life, I can’t help myself: her projects are pretty much all adorable and I can spend hours browsing her website. Such a moral conundrum.

heart potholders from martha

I dismissed the pot holders first (too cutesy), but left the tab open in my browser. For days, I’d take a peek and then shake my head no. Last night, the temptation became too much, and at about 11 pm, when I should have been going to bed, I instead went down to my sewing machine to cut out these little beauties. Pardon the wrinkles…I was feeling too lazy to iron.

heart potholders

They were super easy and quick to stitch. Best of all, I was able to make them from scraps. The polka dots were the remains of an apron I made for a friend, years ago. The white portion was cut from a nice thick canvas that used to be a stained bbq apron, and the back was cut from a pair of worn out jeans. I had the bias tape trim in my stash from a 95-cent sale at Fabricland last year.

heart potholders front and back

I used one layer of Insulbrite batting instead of the three layers of cotton batting Martha suggested. The only other change I made was to start my binding at the bottom point of the heart. I started the first one at the centre top, as Martha directed, but I found it tricky to finish later. Starting at the bottom point gave me a cleaner finish.

So yeah, bottom line, I think I’m hooked on Valentine’s Day crafts now.  (=

PS…if you’re not a fan of enlarging things when you print, here’s a link to the full-size pattern.

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  1. These potholders have been on my to-do list since last Valentines! Yours turned out so wonderful!! Denim is perfect!

  2. Adorable! And made with things on hand which is my favourite way to make things.

  3. These pot holders are perfect for adding a touch Valentine's Day. I love the polka dot fabric. Thanks for stopping by my blog party!
    Take care,

  4. You know, I've always sort of felt the same way about MS and we all know she has scores of professional staff who invent, design and create all of the crafts and recipes on her website and show. For a long time now she's been a "brand" not the domestic goddess who "does it all". Realistically how could she? But I digress and I think your potholders are really cute and I congratulate you on decorating for YOU.

  5. These are really adorable! Are you going to just use them for decoration, or functionally, also? I always just worry about whether they will actually insulate the hand from heat (I'm so used to cotton thread crocheted potholders)

  6. What a great idea to use up remnants and scraps! I need to get me to JoAnn's and get me some Insul-Brite!

  7. Great potholders! Almost to pretty to use.

  8. You did a great job. I keep seeing these and saying "maybe" too. Perhaps one of these days I'll get to them also.

    Visiting from Sundae Scoop.

    More Than A Mom

  9. This is so cute! Would make great gifts :) I've got to make some now, lol.

  10. They are adorable Tanya! I wish I had your sewing skills! : )

  11. I love these. Love the polka-dot fabric you used too.

  12. These potholders look so festive AND functional! I'd love for you to submit them to the M&T Spotlight:

  13. Hi Tanya,
    Not sure if you gpt my email, but you won the Hansel and Gretel giveaway on my blog! congrats! shoot me an email no later than wed. Feb 9 to claim your prize!

  14. YAY, Tanya! You did a great job "linking" me to your blog which I adore and am now following! :) I so love that monogrammed T that you made for your little guy! Freezer paper stenciling is the best! I'm totally going to borrow this idea! :)

  15. These are adorable.. you did such a great job!!!

  16. Your thrify pot holders are too cute! It's especially awesome when something can be made with items we already have on hand.

  17. Oh, these are just totally cute! Love them!!!

    Ms Muffin

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  19. those are so great :) !!! great job girl!!

  20. What a lovely potholders.
    Thanks for sharing.

  21. Those are cute! It's 10:30 I will resist going to create them *right* now.
    I have other must dos sitting beside me, but here I am bouncing around the internet instead . . . :)

  22. those pot holders are adorable! Very very cute, great job!