Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mojo booster & a milestone

The contestants for Crafting With the Stars were announced and, as expected, I wasn't one of the chosen ones. That's okay. My interest in the competition is a mojo booster, so I'm going to be crafting along with everyone else, sans star power. I think having a little goal or theme is going to help me feel creative again. The first challenge is Dollar/Thrift Store, so I'll be heading to the Dollarama asap!

On a personal note, my amazing little man turns four today. On one hand, it feels like he's been around forever, and on the other hand, I can't believe how quickly time is flying by. Kids may be fun seeking and goofy, but it's mind boggling to think of all the learning they can pack into a few short years: sitting, crawling, walking, running, climbing, talking, singing, counting, colours, recognition, compassion, logic, love. I feel like such a slacker in comparison!

So here's a snapshot of Joshua at four, in both pictures and words:

Spirited, mischievous, loving, serious, smart, quirky, thoughtful, funny. He's a great big brother, too, although we've got to work on that choke hold!

I'm hoping to have some sewing time tonight, after the birthday celebrations are cleaned up and my sons in bed. My machine seems to have fixed itself, so fingers crossed that it stays fixed! I'd like to work on a wrap dress that I started before Christmas, and I've also cut out pieces for the Riviera jacket from Hot Patterns.


  1. Happy Birthday Joshua! I look forward to your dollar shop project too!!

  2. Sounds like a fun competition! I need to get to my dollar store. I hear too much about them on everyone's blogs.

    Love the picture of Joshua in the basket, what a face! Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Joshua!
    Sounds like you'll be busy working on your projects. I would love to learn how to make clothing!

  4. Hi Tanya! Thank-you so much for visiting my blog and all the lovely comments. I'm so happy to have found another Canadian mommy blogger. Happy birthday to Joshua!