Friday, December 17, 2010

Pre-school teacher gifts

A bad cold has really knocked me on my rear and put me behind on everything. Including making Christmas gifts for my son's pre-school teachers. I remembered close to midnight last night. As in 11 hours before the Christmas party where those gifts are delivered. Oops!

Thankfully these little tissue pack covers I saw at Let's Go Fly a Kite are the perfect small gift and quick to make. I finished three of them, including ironing the fabric from my scrap bin, in about 20 minutes. Add a pack of tissues and a small gift card and I was done. Thank goodness for my sewing machine!

The party went as well as can be expected given the number of children, tables full of food and sweets and a visit from Santa -- all near naptime for the younger ones -- but I find these events really tiring. My boys go crazy, and it's hard to keep them from running around at top speed (opposite directions, of course) because they're so excited. No pictures on Santa's lap again for us...although at least this year, we got a snap of them 'sitting near' Santa. My youngest climbed up on Santa for a split second before freaking out and the oldest got close enough to grab his gift and run. Maybe next year. Maybe.


  1. I never thought to give these as preschool teacher gifts... great idea! I need something quick for this Tuesday, so I may whip up a batch of these. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Tanya, They turned out beautiful! I just gave my set out yesterday and they were a huge hit. Preschool teachers always need a tissue on hand.

    (and no, sadly, I didn't sew the dresses - I bought them last January at winners during their post-Christmas sales. They were really inexpensive.)

  3. What a great idea! Merry Christmas to you!!!

  4. Maybe easy for you, but these look way hard to me! Both are so cute and classy, hardly look homemade, what wonderful gifts to receive from such a talented person. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. We did too and I too am basking in the glow although my hubby said he thought all the ladies at church looked really tired today! (Ha! they are tired!)

  5. this is great! i'd love for you to link it up (and any other projects you have!) on my link party this friday at