Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas stockings version 2

A while back I mentioned making some stockings for one of the moms in my playgroup. She purchased some lovely fabric and coordinating velvet trim -- very pretty and festive. Anyway, I finished the stockings a couple weeks ago, with the exception of adding on the initials. My plan had been to use fusible web, but when I pressed my test strips to adhere them to my scrap pieces, the velvet changed colour slightly...pressing cloth, towel, nothing seemed to work. Then I came up with the brilliant idea of using a heat gun to warm the adhesive without any actual contact. Perfect! Until my heat gun fizzled out just as I was about to move from scraps to the real thing. A loaner from a friend fixed that, and the initials turned out really well.

I made the leg part of the stockings wider than usual to accommodate the weird shapes children's toys and packaging often employ, and the whole thing is slightly taller than my prototype.

So while the stockings were being prepared to leave my house, this lovely array of goodies came in, courtesy of Laurie at the Simple Things In Life.

Laurie received my name in the Secret Santa Christmas Swap. I adore the row of Santas, in particular. Thank you so much, Laurie! I hope my recipient enjoys her gift as much as I love the package from you! Time to get busy!


  1. very cute! did you hand cut the initial?

  2. Yes, I cut the initials with scissors after I put Heat-n-Bond on the back. That makes it way easier!