Thursday, October 14, 2010

Knitted baby blanket

A close friend had her fourth baby boy earlier this week. I decided a cute little knitted baby blanket was in order. I've been trying to use up what I have in my craft stash lately (in prep for a big sale this weekend!), so chose a soft blue acrylic baby yarn in blue and white. It feels really nice, but I'm not at all pleased with the look of the finished blanket, which is made up of three simple strips of stockinette stitches in alternating colours surrounded by a narrow crochet border.

The edges are curling in madly (doesn't help that I'm feeling too lazy to block it), and my seams between the strips are bulky. That said, it's a blanket that's meant to be used and abused by a baby who will likely poop or throw up on it dozens of times, so I'm not going to stress over it. It's a gift from the heart. Maybe I'll whip up a quick beanie to go with it.


  1. My oldest received a blanket like this when he was born. We still use it! So soft and snuggly!

  2. The last two blankets I made with crochet border curled too, I think its that addition that causes it.. But like you said, its for cuddling, and not laying flat anyway!

    PS the pattern is from The very easy guide to cable knitting book ( Check your local library or amazon has it too) and don't be scared of the cable, its a mock! Good luck! Let me know if you make it, I would love to see!

  3. I think it turned out great!!! Thanks for the nice comment!!! You do so amazing stuff!!!

  4. Love this blanket... we still use all of the ones my daughter got when she was born.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, so nice to hear you liked my strawberry hat. You could always make a "blueberry" ones for your sons :)