Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer top

I finally finished the summer top I started a couple weeks ago. I say finally, but it actually came together in an evening; I just had to hem it. I cut a sleeveless view with gathered shoulder, but the finished product drops over my shoulders to create a small sleeve cap. I thought about trimming the sides and tightening the elastic at the shoulder, but I like this version so will save the changes for a future top.

This was a fast and easy project, even for a beginner. I don't work a lot with knits, but they are comfy to wear, so I'll be doing more.

Here's a look at the shoulder, gathered with two strips of elastic. Easy peasy!

I had some kid-free time this morning, so whipped up one of these Do-Rag Sports Headbands from Brown Paper Packages. Another easy and useful project, especially for me and all my fly-away hairs. This will be great for biking, but I used it in my sewing room, too, and it was nice not to have my hair falling in the way as I hunched over my machine. It took about five minutes to sew, and there are measurements for adult, child and 'itty bitty' sizes. Here's mine:

The last item for today is a picture of the pillow covers I made a while back. I promised a photo and then forgot to take one before I gave the covers to their new owner. 'Luckily' I managed to insert the wrong fabric in two of the pillows so they came back to me. Here's the fixed up version (there were two like this and four with just the printed fabric):

Next up on my project list are a couple hair bow holders for two sisters having a birthday party on the weekend. I think they'll make cute and useful gifts.

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  1. Love your headband and cute, cute top! Great job. Thanks for letting me know!

    Brown Paper Packages

  2. I love the pillow combination and what a great top! I've never thought about gathering the shoulders at the seams. I'll have to try it! I just made my first knit dress/frock, too. Check it out if you like.

  3. A bunch of great project! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  4. I love the sleaves on your top. I have made several tops but never out of knit. And that is one thing i love about making your own can design it so many different ways.