Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Furniture update

I finally plugged in the little hand sander that I bought last summer (right about the time I started reading DIY blogs!) and never tried. It wasn't hard to use at all! So my little table and chair set has been lightly sanded, and the chairs re-glued. The table lets need a little more work, so I need hubby to show me how to work a drill. Woohoo, more power tools! Mama likes.

Anyway, after the initial rush of my sanding success, I was too chicken to continue. After all, the idea of painting is grand. The actual execution? A little scary. So instead, I dug this little beauty out of a corner. I got it from my dad's house when I left home, and it's pure '80's goodness. I was all too happy to sand off that tacky gold print!

This morning I finally worked up the courage to attempt to use spray primer. I tried to follow the instructions, but I wasn't sure how much coverage I need (does it have to be opaque?). While I was pondering that question, it suddenly started to rain so I had to rush everything into our crowded garage. Will work on it again when the yard dries out. I wonder what is says about my mothering instinct that when the rain started, I got my newly primed treasures inside beforeI brought in my three year old. Hee hee.

I've also been busy in my sewing room, but nothing to show so far. I thought I could made a simple shirred sundress for myself, and while the shirring was ridiculously easy to do (hurray for elastic thread!), the style wasn't flattering, so I tossed it in the wadder file. When I'm less disgusted, I'll re-purpose the shirred part to make little sundresses for friends with girls.

Also in various stages of work are six pillow covers that I'm doing for a friend, a summer blouse for my step-mom, pants for me (ok, I'm overstating...I cut the paper pattern pieces...haven't even pinned them to fabric yet), and a bunch of little art aprons and other crafts for upcoming kids' birthday parties.

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